“The Madness That Lurks Within”: review by George de Bruin

The Madness That Lurks WithinNot long ago, ambient artist Scott Lawlor approached me to narrate a story called “Russian Sleep Experiment”. This story was so well told that I thought for a while it was true–and wept for the horrors I read in the tale! How can we as humans do that to one another? (Sadly, we have done things just as horrible in real life). I was relieved to learn that it was fiction, first published on the Creepypasta web site, and narrated the tale. Scott turned it into a dark ambient tale that is not for the faint of heart!–the end result, The Madness That Lurks Within, is a destined to become a classic in Scott’s able hands. This is definitely a horror story, so if you are squeamish, please avoid this story.

Meanwhile, George de Bruin, he of Cerebral Rift, wrote a fantastic review of the release that begins:

I’ve been given an early Halloween present this year in the form of The Madness That Lurks Within. 

and ends

Just a brilliant job.  This is definitely going to be a major Halloween piece for me.

Thanks, George! You can read the review at the Cerebral Rift web site >>

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